Membership in the organization allows the member the opportunity to be elected to the board of directors of the Society, to attend and vote at the Annual General Meeting, to attend BSOSS functions and to receive the newsletter “The Outreach”.

Membership annual dues of $10.00 are collected for the BSOSS fiscal year, April 1 to March 31. Any persons taking training through BSOSS programs are required to be a member unless exempted by the Board of Directors.

Individuals requesting assistance from BSOSS volunteers, although they are welcome to become members, are not required to do so to be eligible for services.

Following is a form “Application for Membership".
Please fill out and deliver or mail to our office at:
2055 Rosser Avenue
Burnaby BC V5C 0H1


NAME____________________ TELEPHONE_______________
________________________ POSTAL CODE______________
FAX____________________ EMAIL____________________
MEMBERSHIP DUES ($10.00 individual)_____DONATION_____


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